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Abstract: “Objective: Examine physicians’ implementation of effective communication principles with patients with intellectual disabilities (ID) and its predictors. Methods: Focus groups helped construct a quantitative questionnaire. The questionnaire (completed by 440 physicians) examined utilization of effective communication principles, attitudes toward individuals with ID, subjective knowledge and number of patients with ID. Results: Subjective knowledge of ID and more patients with ID increased utilization of effective communication principles. Provision of knowledge that allows patients to make their own medical decisions was predicted by more patients with ID, lower attitudes that treatment of this population group is not desirable, less negative affect and greater perception that treatment of this group is part of the physician's role..."
Citation: Werner, S., Yalon-Chamovitz, S., Rinde, M. T., & Heymann, A. (2017). Principles of effective communication with patients who have intellectual disability among primary care physicians. Patient Education and Counseling, 100(7), 1314-1321. doi:10.1016/j.pec.2017.01.022

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